Congratulations on your acceptance to Great Bay Community College!

You should have already received or will soon receive an 电子邮件 from 招生 with your next steps. Refer to this 电子邮件 to determine your placement status.

Ready for 建议 and 登记?

If the 电子邮件 directs you to make an appointment for advising and course registration, that’s great! That means you’ve met all course placement requirements through Accuplacer assessment or waivers, or it’s not applicable for your academic program. To set up an appointment, please contact the 建议 & 转移 Center – [电子邮件 protected] or (603) 427-7728.

Need Course Placement?

If the 电子邮件 directs you to complete course placement in one or more areas (Reading, 写作, 数学 or Computer Skills), please complete the following steps as applicable to get you ready for advising and registration.

Great Bay Community College uses multiple methods to place newly accepted students in Reading, 写作, 数学, and in some cases Computer Skills, before advising and course registration. We do this to help ensure your success in these subject areas. Placement can be determined in multiple ways:

  1. Certain high school English, 数学, and computer coursework: If you haven’t done so already, send 招生 a copy of your high school transcript or HiSET score report. Call or 电子邮件 your high school and they’ll send one over to us. Transcripts should be sent to [电子邮件 protected].
  2. SAT scores (2017 or newer): If in high school, ask your school counselor if they can send scores over along with a transcript. Otherwise, you can log into your 大学委员会 account and download your own score report. At the top of the page, there’s a link in a blue box to “Download Your Score Report.” This will download a PDF document which you can then 电子邮件 to us.
  3. Previous college coursework, including Advanced Placement (AP) exams: If you haven’t done so already, send 招生 your college transcript(s) and we’ll evaluate for placement waivers. Unofficial copies can be used for placement, but if you want coursework to be considered for transfer credit, we’ll eventually need an official copy sent directly from the college. We don’t need transcripts for coursework taken at colleges within the Community College System of NH.
  4. If we’re not able to place you using the criteria above, you can be placed using the Accuplacer assessment. It’s free and can be completed on-campus or remotely. 
    a. To schedule your free on-campus assessment appointment, log into 导航 using the Easy Login information described in the 电子邮件 you received earlier from CCSNH; then choose from the options listed. If you prefer to test remotely, don’t find a time that meets your needs, or have other questions, please contact our Center for Academic Planning and 支持(帽) by 电子邮件 or (603) 427-7715,
    b. More information about Accuplacer, including test preparation, 样品测试, 豁免标准, procedures for accommodations, and preparation for English Language Learners can be found on our Placement Assessment 网页.

Once you’re been placed or waived in all areas applicable for your academic program, you’ll be directed to set up an advising and registration appointment with our 建议 and 转移 Center. 请联系 招生 with any questions by 电子邮件 or (603) 427-7632.